Premanand Dadadsaheb Rupwate

About Babuji

A life dedicated to a section of our society that remains 'the broken people'… a life dedicated to uplift the deprived in educational, social, political, cultural spheres … a life inspired by the thoughts and ideologies of great men like Mahatma Phule, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, Shahu Maharaj… a life dedicated to carry forward the legacy of renowned Dalit leader Late. Hon. Dadasaheb Rupwate. This is the life of a man… lovingly known as "Babuji".. Premanand. Dadasaheb. Rupwate.

A social – political life that spans over 40 years has earned Premanandji the honor of being the leader of the Dalit – Buddhist community in Maharashtra; however his associations across communities has made him a personality adored by many, with well wishers across all sections of Maharashtra.

Having been born in a family ordained to dedicate their lives for the development of the Dalit, downtrodden masses, Premanandji is the eldest son of Sushilbai & Dadasaheb Rupwate.

Born on 25th October 1946 in the Akole village of Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. Situated on the banks of the Pravara river, Akole is where Premanandji is completed his initial schooling in the Zilla Parishad Marathi School. The flow of Pravara symbolizes the life of Premanandji ... from a small boy living in the dalit vasti of Akole to a leader of the dalit – buddhist community in Maharashtra, just like his father late. Dadasaheb.

Premanandji later moved to Ahmednagar, Wai, Pune, Mumbai to achieve his educational goals, which concluded with his degree in Law from the Government Law college in Mumbai. After completing formal education he started his journey as a people's man and there was no looking back!!

Over his 5 decades of active work in the social, educational, cultural, religious and political spheres he shouldered several positions of responsibilities and contributed constructively, positively to all of it. His oratory skills made him a favourite of the audiences! He had the art of conveying the most harsh and complicated facts in the most hilarious and convincing manner! He lived life to the fullest and found happiness in the smallest of things! This rare quality of his helped him in his valiant fight against Cancer. He fought bravely for over 19 months and embraced his end silently, with utmost grace.

Social :

  • NavBharat Yuva Andolan – Founder Head : Galvanize the youth for social change, with the Constitution of India as their driving force.
  • Upekshit Vyaspith – General Secretary : A platform for the suppressed masses to amalgamate and express their feelings of deprivation and suffering.
  • Samajik Samata Parishad – Founder and General Secretary : Organization to strive for Social Equality.
  • Harijan Sevak Sangh – Member of the National Executive Body.
  • Lok Abhiyan – Member : Organization to propagate the basic Values and Ideals enshrined in the Indian Constitution.
  • Samata Abhiyan – Founder President : Working for the Social and Economic upliftment and empowerment of the underprivileged sections of the society.
  • Shoshit Samaj Andolan – President : Striving to ensure equal rights for the down trodden masses at the grassroot level.
  • Kusumtai Chaudhari Mahila Kalyani – Trustee Member : Working towards women’s empowerment.
  • Bal Kalyani – Trustee, President : Working for the cause of education and development of deprived children.